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vTask has been deployed on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, including:

      Windows 95 / NT / 98
      Windows 2000
      Windows XP / 2003
      Windows Vista
      Windows 7
      Windows 8

I would just like to say that if it wasn't for vTask, I would not be able to make any sort of "program" whatsoever. vTask has without a doubt given me (an average computer user with no official computer training) the ability to use my computer to actually make my life easier, and to get my money's worth out of my PC.

-Mike C. in UK

  vTask Studio

Automate your PC with vTask Studio

vTask Studio is software which allows you to automate jobs on your computer. You can use vTask Studio to control the mouse, keyboard, and other programs. This is done by simple drag & drop task design -- No programming is required!

Popular uses for vTask Studio include software quality assurance ("QA testing"), administrative tasks, or any repetitive job.  Add some automation to your computer tasks!

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"Looping through Excel Data"

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Current Version:       7.87
Download Size:        7 MB
Download Link:        vtasksetup.exe



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