So let me add some detail to my earlier praise by saying that this program is saving my company about 20+ hours per week of manual data sharing / manipulation across multiple programs. What I originally envisioned as a 'stopgap' automation measure is working so robustly and efficiently that the initiative to scrap our siloed applications for a big, expensive, multi-function application has lost all urgency.



About Vista Software

Vista Software is located in the state of Arizona and provides productivity software to companies around the world.

We originally began as a 5-person consulting firm that programmed custom systems for the transportation industry.

Today, we focus exclusively on developing computer automation solutions, with a special interest in creating economical products that are sufficiently generalized to be used across diverse industries.

Software Product

As a result of our experience from various long term contracts, we developed several key pieces of technology that had cross-industry appeal. In recent years, we have turned our attention to adapting this technology into a competitive product.

vTask Studio is the result of over a decade of code development. Due to our competitive advantages of low overhead and stable source code, we are able to offer prices significantly lower than the competition, allowing our customers to save hundreds of dollars per license. We are committed to developing and supporting our product, and have sold licenses to thousands of customers worldwide.


Vista Software Philosophy

As is evident from our product and website, we favor standard interfaces and efficient code that gets the job done. You can trust that our software follows established programming guidelines and best practices.

Our long-term strategy is to continue enhancing our product, and provide our customers with increasing value.

We look forward to continue offering you reliable software that increases your productivity for years to come. Thank you for visiting Vista Software today!

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